Our Research Strategy

The Lipedema Foundation (LF) actively engages researchers so as to develop and expand the lipedema scientific community. We look for researchers with a genuine interest in lipedema and are supportive of a collaborative approach to research. Our goal is to work with the best and brightest in their fields to apply their minds and methods to lipedema—alongside a community that involves patients, caregivers, physicians and surgeons.

Our ongoing dialogue with the community and  our biennial scientific retreat informs our Research Roadmap. In turn, the Roadmap assists in our prioritization of research priorities for the ensuing grant cycle.

Our first and foremost goal is to find a diagnostic test. Once a diagnostic test exists, we can better assess the pathophysiology of the disease (the differences between lipedema tissue and normal tissue). From there, we can research treatments and their effectiveness. We hope to eventually uncover the cause(s) of lipedema, with the ultimate goal of stopping progression or preventing disease.

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Lipedema Foundation History


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  • Launched a very broad multi-purpose program run by an MD PhD expert in lipedema, encompassing Treatment, Research and Education, tissue bank & imaging
  • Initiated a genetics project run by a team of lymphedema genetics experts
  • Funded an open-call post-doctoral fellowship to increase awareness of lipedema amongst early-stage researchers


  • Commissioned a "disease landscape report" to investigate the state of lipedema research, identify potential scientific and clinical collaborators, and initiate a roadmap for future research efforts
  • Funded a mouse model with potential relevance to lipedema


  • Hired our Chief Science Officer
  • Awarded 16 grants out of 40 applicants


  • Hired 3 new staff members
  • Ongoing support of  current research projects
  • Support of on-site research performed during the 2018 FDRS conference
  • Will share more details when we can talk about them ;-) ...