Principal Investigator: Pia Ostergaard, PhD

Institution: St George's University of London

LF Funding History: 2015 Proof-of-Concept Award

Hypothesis: To identify genetic variants that contribute to the development of lipoedema.

Collaborative Opportunities: Considerable data is being created through our recruitment of lipoedema patients. Therefore, the following opportunities are open for collaboration: qualitative questionnaire analysis, and in-depth assessment and analysis of blood, RNA, and other patient-derived samples.

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Project: Genetic Analysis of Lipoedema

There is often a strong family history of patients with lipoedema, suggesting that there is a genetic component to the condition. The project will look for genetic variants through two angles: (1) analysis of familial cases by next generation sequencing, and (2) analysis of sporadic cases by microarray genotyping. To accomplish these aims, St George's University of London will recruit multiple phenotyped families and individuals with lipedema. Affiliated with St George's University of London's Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute, the program is led by Dr. Pia Ostergaard in conjunction with Dr. Kristiana Gordon, Professor Peter Mortimer, Glen Brice, and Dr. Vaughan Keeley.


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