Patient-Centered Research

As a complement to the “resident-specific” studies, our Research Program is also supporting a series of patient-centered research, which involve imaging and blood tests, exploration of the role of genomics, and surveys to capture the patient experience.   Together, these studies are expected to result in a better understanding of the biology of lipedema, and enable the creation of both a standard diagnostic process and improved treatment options.

Blood-based Biomarkers – These are tests performed using blood that determine the circulating levels of known components of blood.

Grantee: Herbst Lab

Imaging Modalities – These are tests that involve imaging assays such as noninvasive lymphangiography, computed tomography, ultrasound, whole tissue microscopy, and several types of MRI (e.g. sodium-, quantitative-, cerebral blood flow-).

Grantees: Donahue Lab, Haegerling Lab, Herbst Lab, Rachelle Crescenzi (of the Donahue Lab), Shawber Lab, and Sevick-Muraca Lab

Genomics – These are studies that utilize patient samples (usually blood or saliva) to determine the presence of genetic variants that may be unique to lipedema.

Grantees: Klimentidis Lab, Harvey Lab, Herbst Lab, Ostergaard Lab, and Pober Lab

Quality of Life Studies – These are questionnaires completed by study participants and include patient information such as age of onset, symptoms, and medical history.

Grantees: Bauer Lab, Donahue Lab, and Herbst Lab


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